The Next Generation of Automotive Key Technology.

Unlock the cutting edge unique features inside...

Key & Remote Programming

Easily program keys and remotes to the majority of the vehicles on the road in North America.

Chip Reader

Don't waste costly key blanks! Check the chip first and make sure you are cutting the right one!

Frequency Testing

Make sure that your remote is sending the proper signal with our built-in frequency tester.

Key Cloning Technology

Established tech with a twist. Reduce cloning cost and simplify your process.

Advanced Reporting

Reporting is half the battle. SmartBox offers you the ability to keep track of every vehicle that you have worked on, sorted by date and time as well as vehicle information. This data is stored FOREVER so you never have to worry about losing the information.

Optimized Performance

Unlimited Use? No problem. No WiFi needed. Never get stuck on the job. With this unlimited use tool you will be able to work on all vehicles in the SmartBox universe! Sync with the cloud every 30 days to get the most up to date information.

Unrivaled Security Features

Ensuring consumer security is our highest priority. We've utilized cutting edge solutions to protect you and your customer from unauthorized use.
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