Thank you for choosing the SMARTBOX® Key Programming Device! If you have additional questions after reviewing our FAQ’s, please do not hesitate to contact your Distributor or SmartBox Technology directly at info@smartboxauto.com

1. How often should I update my SMARTBOX® Key Programming Device?

Update your device every 30 days as a minimum requirement. However, it is strongly recommended to update WEEKLY. SmartBox Technology is continuously improving and adding updates to the software and firmware to make programming easy and efficient for our customers.

2. Is there a PDF list available of all SMARTBOX® Key Progamming Device supported vehicles?

No, we do not have a printable PDF list of our supported vehicles. We have a far superior reference for our customers called the SmartBox® Reference Guide. This is a free application available to install on your Android or Apple Smartphone. Simply search the Play Store or App Store, respectively, for our App. Log-in using your personally created User Name and Password to obtain detailed information on each vehicle, along with training videos, a discussion board, programming notes and a direct link to tech support by the touch of your finger. Having the SmartBox® Reference Guide on your phone, provides you with “live” notifications and update information as soon as it becomes available.

3. Does my SMARTBOX® Key Programming Device come with a training manual?

No boring manuals to read through! We offer a few ‘How-To’ Instructional PDF’s & many programming videos to view on-line. See for yourself how quick and easy it is to operate. You can find these training videos in the SmartBox® Reference Guide as well as your Member Account accessed through our website, www.smartboxauto.com. Select the far right tab called, Member Login, enter your User Name and Password created during the registration process and look for the Training tab. Another useful resource is You Tube. Simply enter ‘SmartBox® Key Programmer’ in the search bar, sit back and enjoy watching videos of all different Makes/Models/Years!

4. Prior to programming, is there a specific order to plug in the cables with respect to the Car, the SMARTBOX® Key Programming Device and Tablet?

Yes! Please follow this order;
Step 1. Main OBD cable plugged into the SMARTBOX® Key Programming Device;
Step 2 Other end of the Main OBD cable into the OBD port of the car;
Step 3 Plug USB end of the micro USB cable into the SMARTBOX® Key Programming Device; and
Step 4 Plug the micro USB end into tablet.

5. Why are there so many Programming Options and which one should I choose?

Always start with Preferred Option 1.
Most of the vehicles may have up to 3 different immobilizer systems installed for the exact same Model and Year. In the majority of cases, the SMARTBOX® Key Programming Device knows which exact immobilizer should be Option 1 based on research and development. Yet, we have a good number of Models and Years that could be evenly split between immobilizer types, therefore we include all available options of that ECU Model.
Our programming device earned its name because it’s SMART! The more it is used by our customers, the more it will recognize the options most often used and will place that selection closer to the top of the list making your programming time more efficient.
IMPORTANT! – Please DO NOT click on the ‘Other Options’ button unless you are specifically instructed by one of our Tech Support Representatives. In doing so, it may cause confusion within the vehicle ECU and also cause additional usage charges.

6. How can I see a list of all the vehicles that I have programmed?

This information (and more!) is found in the SmartBox® Reference Guide phone application, by selecting Account Management / Usage Logs, or in your Member Account, accessed through our website, www.smartboxauto.com.
You can also update your personal log-in, contact information as well as method of payment in your Member Account as well.

7. What is counted as a charged ‘Use” and how much is it?

1 use = $10.00
a. Program remote, fobik, prox, or transponder: 1 use each.
b. Reading Pin code followed by Programming: 1 use
c. Reading Pin code ONLY: 1 use.
d. To add a key, SMARTBOX® Key Programming Device will add one key or remote: 1 use
e. Program a key or remote for Nissan or Infiniti, SMARTBOX® Key Programming Device erases the original key, re-programs the original key as well as programs the new key: 1 use
f. Ford Specific: if all keys are lost. Ford requires 2 keys to be programmed: 2 uses
g. For adding keys and ‘all keys lost’ only select the # of keys you are adding: # of keys added = # of uses charged
h. Chip read: FREE
i. Cloning: FREE
j. Chip duplication: FREE
k. Frequency Testing: FREE

8. Are there situations when ‘Uses’ are refunded?

Upon receiving our email of your monthly billing statement and feel the recorded usage count for that billing cycle is not accurate, log-in to your Member Account and review your programming history. If you still have additional questions, email them to info@smartboxauto.com and make sure to include the date of programming and the Make/Model/Year of the vehicle(s) in question. This information will be submitted for a thorough account review.
IMPORTANT! – If the charged ‘USE’ has occurred due to user error (i.e. wrong key/remote used to program), then SmartBox Technology LLC is not held responsible.

9. What if I forget my User Name, Password and 4-digit Pin?

No problem! Call SmartBox Technology LLC at 1-855-767-8291 and we can let you know your User Name, 4 digit Pin as well as reset your password. Once you log-in to your Member Account or the SmartBox Reference Guide phone App, you can always change this information as well.

10. Who do I call for technical support?

Technical support is provided through your Distributor. However, if you cannot get through or get the necessary assistance, please call SmartBox Technology LLC directly at 1-855-767-8291 or email us at info@smartboxauto.com.

11. What Cloning Chips are compatible to use with SMARTBOX® Key Programming Device?

1. PCF7935 (PHILIPS);
2. 4C can be cloned using chip G70/80bit;
3. 4D (40bit): 61,62,63,65,67,68 can be cloned using chip G70/80bit;
4. 4D (40bit): 64 specialized for Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep, can be cloned using chip 64;
5. 72G (80bit): can be cloned using chip G70/80bit;
6. 46 can be cloned using chip 46;
7. T5 Series: 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 20, 23, 33, 40, 41 can be cloned using chip TK5551.
When cloning, you need to use our proprietary cloneable chips. The SMARTBOX® Key Programming Device is compatible with TPX3/TPX4.

12. What type of remotes can the SMARTBOX® Key Programming Device Frequency Test?

Currently, the device is able to Frequency Test approximately 90-95% of all remote types. When the Frequency number shows on the screen of the tablet, that indicates that the device is successfully reading the Frequency. If the wireless sign on the screen turns green but the Frequency number remains at 0.00, that means the device is detecting some sort of frequency but not able to know the exact transmission.

13. Why does the SMARTBOX® Key Programming Device say ‘successful’ even though the key/remote is not working?

The device says “success’ because it has communicated your programming request to the vehicle and the vehicle has responded back with confirmation that your request can be completed successfully. It is now up to you to ensure the product you are using is correct. This is the most common mistake made by the user as well as not following the exact instructions noted on your device. Please verify you have the correct product and try the steps again making sure to read all of the programming notes. When this happens, DO NOT disconnect or exit out of your programming cycle- you have 90 minutes to correct the issue without incurring additional usage charges. It is recommended to contact tech support for assistance and get the job completed successfully.

14. Can SMARTBOX® Key Programming Device read Pincodes?

Yes! The device can read pincodes for over 95% of vehicles requiring pincode read.

Thank you for being a member of our SmartBox Technology LLC family!